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Frequently Asked Questions ?

What are the services provided on the Yalla Shoghl? And how to take advantage of them?

Yalla Shoghl website displays advertisements published by advertisers and business owners to act as an intermediary between them and site visitors looking for job opportunities and vacancies, while providing the necessary means of communication between the two parties. Please note that the site does not provide employment services directly, and its role is limited to linking advertisers who provide job opportunities and visitors.

How can I post job advertisements? What are the ads that I am allowed as a publisher to post on the site?

To publish a job advertisement, an account must be created. This is done by clicking on the role of employees and filling in the advertisement data, then follow the steps in the publishers space to create an account on the next screen. Please note that the advertisement must be in accordance with the publishing instructions and the use agreement, and that the publisher's data in his account must be true and accurate.

Is the provision of the service limited to a specific country? How can this be determined?

Yalla Shoghl does not provide any requirements regarding the country of service, and the determination of this is left to the advertisers' choices. The advertiser may require the country of residence or nationality to suit the working conditions, the necessity of conducting interviews, the available options with the official authorities, or otherwise.

Am I required to pay a registration fee while I am looking for a job?

Anyone looking for a job can register on Yalla Job and apply for jobs, and this service is 100% free without fees.

Will you call me when?

We do not contact people who have registered. When you apply for a job, your data will be traced back to the company. If the company suits them with your data, they will call you on the number registered with us, and they will arrange an interview with you. If no one from the company called you, the company might have appointed another person, or they found your data not suitable for the job. We advise you to apply for more than one job to increase your chances.

I'm not sure if I'm going for the interview. Older benefit?

If you are not satisfied with the job or do not want to go to the interview, it is better not to apply for it. Firstly, because this gives me a bad impression of you in the company, and secondly, it may reduce your chances of applying for jobs in the future

What People Say !

Yalla Shoghl is not a recruitment company, but an outsourcing and mediator between job seekers and companies, and it provides all its services to job seekers for free.

Yalla Shoghl follows Tofranil Space, with commercial registration No. (19105), based in Cairo and the UAE